Cheat Sheet

Here is a general list of the kind of information we will require from you when you commission us to design your website.

If you want to get in touch with us to discuss your project, the following questions are typical of the kind of thing we will need to know, so that we can fully understand your project and provide you with a quotation. It is often helpful if you can email us your answers prior to any introductory call. If you don't know some of the answers, don't worry, this is just a guide, and every project is different.


  1. What is your domain name, if you have one?
  2. Objectives of the website?
  3. What is / are your target market(s)?
  4. Number one thing you want your visitor to do is what?
  5. Brief description of what you’d like to see on your landing page (Home page).
  6. Roughly, what pages do you require? (eg Home, About, Contact, etc).
  7. Please indicate at least three websites you love the look of, in whole or in part and any sites you really don't like, in whole or in part .
  8. Please advise us of any particular features you know you would like to be included on your site (eg Image Galleries, Video, Google Map, Embedded Twitter feed)
  9. Enter any fonts you want to use, specifying preference for heading and copy. (Optional) For inspiration have a look at Google Fonts and Typekit.
  10. Do you have a preferred colour scheme? If you have an exact colour palette please provide this.
  11. Let us know any social media account addresses, if you would like to link them
  12. Do you require a logo design? Please give any details. NB: this will affect the budget
  13. Do you require any illustration or specific graphic design work? Please give any details. NB: this will affect the budget
  14. If you have any existing graphical assets or images that you want to use in the website, please send them via We Transfer to